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If you’re close by, Tony always recommends an in-person lesson, but if you’re further away, that’s not a problem as he works online too.

Tony teaches students up to Grade 8 Bass (Registry of Guitar Tutors) and will structure lessons around your goals, providing you with all of the steps and resources you need to progress. He uses up-to-date materials including from various music sites and books, and examples from YouTube, and follows-up lessons with notes for you in a shared Google drive. So you know you’ll get a fantastic tailor-made service from him, whether you work with him in his home studio, at your place or online.

Tony has honed his approach over a number of years and supports your learning style and preferred structure. His lessons cover common pitfalls around technique, confidence and timing and he makes them engaging and fun so you can progress quickly and easily.

In-person bass lessons

In-person bass lessons have the benefit of allowing Tony to facilitate learning by first showing you how to play the chord and then checking your technique.

Students can travel to Tony’s home studio, or for a small fee to cover his travel, he can travel to the areas shown, including Darlington, Durham, Northallerton, Thirsk, Yarm, Middlesborough and surrounding villages.

He also always has an up-to-date DBS certificate, so you can feel comfortable that everything is completely safe.

Online bass lessons

Online lessons mean that Tony can teach you wherever you are in the world! They are also great if you have mobility issues, transport problems, time constraints or are struggling to find a teacher local to you. The same prices apply and all online lesson payments must be made via PayPal or Stripe within 48 hours after the lesson.

To get the best online experience, you just need an external camera and microphone and reliable access to a good internet connection. 

Beginner ukulele (in-person or online)

Tony also provides ukulele lessons to both adults and children!

The ukulele is a lot of fun to learn and students can progress to a high level quite quickly. Due to its size, most find it really easy to pick up and it’s a great option as a first instrument or if you have experience with other stringed instruments. It’s more than just a toy; many people find the uke sound very relaxing and its size also means it’s very portable, great for playing music on the move. 

Beginner guitar lessons (in-person or online)

The guitar is a versatile and rewarding instrument to learn, with students able to make progress relatively quickly. Despite its size, many people find the guitar relatively easy to pick up, making it a great option for beginners or those with experience on other stringed instruments.

With its rich and varied sound, the guitar can be used to play a wide range of musical styles and genres. And thanks to its portability, it’s easy to take your music with you wherever you go. Whether you’re looking to strum some chords for relaxation or play complex solos, the guitar is a great choice for musicians of all levels.

Online content

Tony shares his vast knowledge and experience of the bass guitar to subscribers and Patrons around the world using exclusive and easy-to-access content. His YouTube and Patreon accounts have a global following that’s growing all of the time, and you can join them starting at just £3 a month.

All of his Patreon followers get access to a range of materials including:

  • All of his PDF e-books, worksheets and tab transcriptions
  • Weekly blogs about music and playing
  • and more!

If you really want to turbo-charge your bass learning, you can upgrade your membership to VIP level for even more perks, including exclusive videos, discounted lessons and monthly online request tutorials.

Packages start at £3 month, so go to his Patreon account for more information.

Or you can go straight to Tony’s Etsy shop to buy his products directly, including his e-books and tab workbooks.  

Session playing and transcriptions

Tony is also available as a session musician for your next album! Get in touch if you’d like him to record your bass guitar, fretless bass or double bass track.

He also provides a transcription service to accurately score your basslines in standard notation or TAB. You can contact him for bespoke pricing and then all he needs is the video or audio file and he’ll send you the score back in a printable format.

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