TG Bass Tutor

Are you looking for a successful and experienced bass guitar, ukulele or guitar teacher?

With Tony Gardiner, you can learn bass guitar, ukulele or guitar from a professional musician with decades of experience, so you know you’d be in great hands.

Packages range from beginner level right through to brushing up your existing skills and playing full songs. Lessons with Tony are fun, informative and will get you playing better in no time.  

Choose from home visits in and around Teesside and County Durham, or online lessons if you’re further away.  

Bass Guitar Lessons

Learn one of the most essential parts of a band, and discover your passion for the bass, with lessons from a 20+ years bassist and qualified teacher. 

Ukulele Lessons

Get started on one of the smallest stringed instruments, whether you’re new to playing anything or just fancy something different.  

Beginner Guitar Lessons

With its rich and varied sound, the guitar can be used to play a wide range of musical styles and genres. Learn how to play with lessons for beginners.

Online Content

Access Tony’s vault of online content and new material every week with your choice of  Patreon subscription depending on your needs.

Who is Tony?

Tony is a professional bass tutor from Teesside. He’s been teaching the bass for over a decade and playing for a total of 20 years. Alongside a passion for the bass and a range of qualifications, Tony’s unique style of teaching breaks down learning into bite-sized chunks, so everyone can learn no matter their past experience. He loves inspiring his students to overcome their barriers and fall in love with the low-end.

Want to find out more about how Tony can help?  

If you’d like to chat about whether Tony’s the perfect teacher for you, you can book a free, no-obligation chat and see whether he’s what you’re looking for.  

Why learn the bass?

There are loads of reasons people start to learn the bass. Perhaps you used to play when you were younger, maybe you’ve got a passion for the rhythm behind a song or are just looking for a new hobby. Let’s face it, the bass is the coolest part of the band! It creates the groove, and that’s the heartbeat of every song. Tony can help you to raise your low-end game and learn to love the bass as much as he does. 

You can read more on this in his blog post ‘Why the bass and not other guitars?’

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There are loads of reasons that people start to learn the bass. Perhaps you used to play when you were younger, but life got in the way. Maybe you’ve got a passion for the rhythm behind a song, you secretly want to perform with a band on stage or are just looking for a new…

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