TG Bass Tutor

Who is Tony?

Hi, I’m Tony Gardiner, a professional bass tutor from Teesside, North East England and I’m here to help get your bass playing to exactly where you want it to be.  

I’ve been a professional bass player for over 20 years and taught students for more than a decade. I’ve got a range of qualifications including PGCE in teaching and Grade 8 in Bass Guitar from the Registry of Guitars. This helps me teach in a unique style and to a range of students at different levels and with varying tastes in music and styles of play. Whatever your location, preferred genre or type of bass, I can help you play it!

I offer a number of packages so that you can simply brush up on your skills, or go from complete beginner to playing full songs, and I tailor my approach and curriculum to your needs, level and learning style. My number 1 objective is for you to have fun! I never want to make it dull and boring and suck the life out of your playing, so I promise that you’ll enjoy the process as well as the end result!   

And of course, I simply love the bass.

I fell in love with it many years ago and I’ve played in many bands over the years. I mostly play 4-string and 5-string fretted basses, I also specialise in fretless bass and have an upright bass too! My favourite styles are rock/metal, blues, jazz and pop.

I love to help my students overcome barriers like procrastination, lack of direction and fear of mistakes, and come to appreciate the benefits of playing the bass in their daily lives, like improved mental wellbeing, escape from the daily grind and a sense of achievement.

A great way to find out more about Tony is to take a look at his YouTube channel where you can watch him in action, or book a £20 introductory lesson.

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