Skype Music Theory lessons

I offer popular music theory lessons via Skype at affordable rates.

All you need is a webcam, microphone and a decent internet connection speed.

Topics covered:

Musical terms – all the lingo for popular musicians and how to use them correctly.

Scales and keys – major, minor, modes,key signatures,scale spelling.

Chords – chord construction, substitutions

Rhythm – time signatures, rhythmic notation

Harmony – chord progressions, intervals, improvisation, transposition


Minimum requirements:

You must play an instrument or have access to one.

You must know your alphabet (of course!)

You must have access to a computer/laptop, a webcam, microphone and internet connection.

Non-native English speakers: You must have a sufficient knowledge of English (minimum IETLS 6.5 or equilvalent)

Recommended requirements:

A decent internet connection speed (2Mb per second or higher)

Knowledge of the note names on your instrument


I am able to teach up to (and including) Grade 5 using the  LCM Popular Music Theory syllabus.

For prices and further information please contact me at

Please note: I only accept payments via Paypal; if you don’t have a Paypal account, you can set one up here