Skype Bass lessons

I offer Bass lessons via Skype at affordable rates.

Your first lesson is free!

All you need is a webcam, microphone and a decent internet connection speed.

Topics covered:


  • Fretted 4 String
  • Fretless 4 String


  • Rock – classic rock, progressive rock, grunge, modern rock
  • Metal – thrash metal, classic heavy metal, progressive metal
  • Jazz – traditional jazz, bebop jazz
  • Blues
  • Fusion genres – funk rock, jazz rock


  • 3 finger right hand technique
  • The shuffle
  • The gallop
  • tapped artifical harmonics
  • pinch artifical harmonics
  • relaxing and how to play for longer


Playing in odd time signatures (5/4, 9/8, 6/4, 5/4, 11/8 etc)

  • using a metronome in odd time signatures

Creating basslines in odd time signatures

Minimum requirements:

You must own a bass and amp

You must know your alphabet (of course!)

You must have access to a computer/laptop, a webcam, microphone and internet connection.

Non-native English speakers: You must have a sufficient knowledge of English (minimum IETLS 6.5 or equilvalent)

Recommended requirements:

A decent internet connection speed (2Mb per second or higher)

Student should be able to tune their instrument.

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For prices and further information please contact me at

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