Beginner Bass Workshops starting this week!

Hello everyone, Adult (18+) Beginner Bass workshops start next week on Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons (alternating days on a bi-weekly basis) Saturday 22nd April 1pm – 2:30pm Thursday 27th April 7pm – 8:30pm Sessions are just £10 and all you need is a bass and a lead! (Don’t have a bass? I have a […]

7 Reasons why you should play bass

The role of the bass player is often regarded as ‘easy’ and ‘lazy’, taking a back seat by other musicians. Many non-musicians, don’t even know who the bass player is! So, I’d like to open up all those non-believers into the world of the low-end groove machine! 1. It’s easy to play… at the beginning […]

Myths and Stereotypes about Bass Guitar

Myths and Stereotypes about Bass Guitar Welcome to the beginning of my series exploring some of those common myths and stereotypes, which as bass players, we often receive from the general public. I always want to inform and re-inform more people so we can get away from the underlying stigma attached to the bass. Myth […]