TG Bass Tutor

Why the bass and not other guitars

There are loads of reasons that people start to learn the bass. Perhaps you used to play when you were younger, but life got in the way. Maybe you’ve got a passion for the rhythm behind a song, you secretly want to perform with a band on stage or are just looking for a new hobby. Let’s face it, the bass is the coolest part of the band. 

And why does it sound so good? That’s easy. The bass is the foundation that the rest of the band can add to, to make the whole thing sound so amazing.  As a bassist you’re the musical support for the rest of the band, alongside the drummer. Without a bass the song just wouldn’t be the same – bass is in every single song. 

I’m all about holding the rhythm and making music at a low frequency (the low-end), which some people can tune into more than others. Regardless of whether you have an ear for it or not, most people don’t realise that when they’re dancing to music, they’re actually dancing to the bass – it creates the beat, the groove and the feel of a song and defines it in so many ways! And, honestly, how cool is that?

If you’d like to find out more about learning the bass with me, book an introductory lesson to get started!


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