7 Reasons why you should play bass

The role of the bass player is often regarded as ‘easy’ and ‘lazy’, taking a back seat by other musicians. Many non-musicians, don’t even know who the bass player is!

So, I’d like to open up all those non-believers into the world of the low-end groove machine!

1. It’s easy to play… at the beginning
It’s relatively easy to get to grips with the basics of the bass guitar (finger placement, technique and simple timing-keeping) and

2. It’s difficult to master….but the rewards are great!

Once you pass into intermediate/advanced territory – techniques such as, double thumbing, tapping, artificial harmonics etc take years and years of practice. Playing these technique, whilst maintaining your role in the rhythm section is even harder.

3. Bass is driving force of a band – the groove machine

Bass (along with drums) are the rhythm section in a modern band, which means groove and timing. What keeps you dancing in a club? Bass!

4. Every style of modern music has a bass player

From jazz trios to rock bands to your favourite pop artist – so there’s plenty for you to choose from.

5. Altough there are fewer of us bass players out there than other modern musicians

Good news – You’ll get more gigs! Which means more playing time.
Great guitarists are a dime a dozen in the music industry; great bass players – less so.

6. It exposes you to more musical genres

I hated jazz before I became a bass player – but my eyes (and ears) on now open to how vital bass is to jazz songs (and the genre as a whole) allowing me to adapt and form my own sound.

7. Good rhythm + good groove = great song 

While the guitarist is soloing, who’s holding the fort? Drums and Bass! In reality, if the audience barely notice the other band member’s mistakes because the rhythm is so tight – you’re doing a good job!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a bass and let’s get our groove on!

Contact me now to start your journey


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